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DVD Version 6

This is a preliminary list of the documents that will be added to Version 6. This list is subject to change. This version will add about 3.5GB of documents - the largest version to version increase yet! This is largely because of the decision to rescan most of the early more colorful manuals in full color. Version 6 will be a two DVD set. Individual CDs will still be available but we may drop the CD set option since a full CD set will require 18 CDs.

We are now accepting pre-orders for Version 6. You may use this pre-order form. Shipments are expected to start in July.

Calculator Manuals
Options and Peripherals
Calculator ROMs
Calculator Software
Quick Reference Guides.
EduCALC Catalogs
    Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.
HP Digests
EduCalc Technical Notes

Items listed below are expected to be ADDED to the current manuals:

Calculator Manuals

English Language Manuals:

HP-01 Color
HP-10C Color
HP-11C Color
HP-11C Handbook Addendum
HP-14B Color
HP-15C Color
HP-16C Color
HP-18C Color
HP-19BII Color
HP-21 Color
HP-22 Color
HP-25 Color
HP-25 Owners Handbook Addendum Color
Getting The Most From Continuous Memory (HP-25C) Color
HP-27 Color
HP-27S Color
HP-28C Getting Started Color
HP-28C Reference Color
HP-29C/19C Color
HP-31E Color
HP-32E Color
HP-32S Color
HP-33E Color
HP-34C Color
HP-35 Color
HP-35 Errata sheet
HP-37E Color
HP-38E/38C Color
HP-41C Color
HP-45 Color
HP-46 Color
HP-55 Color
HP-65 Color
HP-67 Color
HP-70 Color
HP-80 Color
HP-81 Color
HP-91 Color
HP-97 Color
Solving Problems With Your Hewlett-Packard Calculator Color
Your HP Financial Calculator: An Introduction to Financial Concepts and Problem Solving Color
HP 9825A Matrix Programming
HP 9825A General Utilities

German Language Manuals:

HP 82480AD Mathematik-Paket Benutzerhandbuch (HP-71)
HP-92 Bedienungs-Handbuch
HP 82162A Thermodrucker Bedienungs-Handbuch Color

French Manuals

HP-21 Color
HP-25 Applications
HP-25 Program Form
Quels Sont Les Avantages De La Memoire Permanente (25C)
HP-28C/S Manuel D'Utilisation (User's Guide)
HP-28C/S Manuel De Reference Color
HP-71B Manuel D'Utilisation Color
HP 82104 Lecteur de cartes
HP 82182 Module horloge
HP 82160 Module HP-IL

Portuguese Manuals

HP-55 Color

Options and Peripherals

HP 82420A Memory Module
9830 Calculator 9880A/B Mass Memory Operating Manual
9830 Calculator 11206A Modem Interface Installation and Service Manual

Calculator ROMs

HP-41C Clinical Lab and Nuclear Medicine Pac
HP-41C Machine Design Pac Color
HP-71B Circuit Analysis Pac
HP-71B Surveying Pac
HP-41C Structural Analysis Pac

Calculator Software

HP-19C Games
HP-21 Applications Color
HP-29C Surveying Solutions
HP-41C Timer Solutions (UL)
HP-41C Calendars (UL)
HP-67/96 Anesthesia (UL)
HP-67/96 Beams and Columns (UL)
HP-67/07 Biology (UL)
HP-67/97 Calendars Solutions (UL)
HP-67/96 Cardiac (UL)
HP-67/97 Civil Engineering Pac 1
HP-67/97 Medical Practitioner (UL)
HP-67/97 Pulmonary (UL)
HP-71/75 to HP 150/IBM PC File Transfers
HP-67/97 Test Statistics (UL)
9810 Stat Pac
9810 Math Pac
9830 Plotter Pac
Calculator Program Catalog

Quick Reference Guides.

HP 19C/29C
HP-41C Stat Pac
HP-45 Color
Series 70 Visicalc QRG
HP 82104 French QRG
HP 82182 French QRG
HP 82160 French QRG

HP Digests

HP Digest Volume 1 Color
HP Digest Volume 2 Color
HP Digest Volume 3 Color
HP Digest Volume 4 Color

EduCALC Catalogs

EduCALC Volume 12:
EduCALC Volume 41: 1988


Move Ahead with the HP-10C
HP-15/16 Slim Line Scientific Brochure
HP-45 Compare! Brochure
Twee Nieuwe Calculators (HP29/19C)
De Nieuwe HP-41CX is er nu
HP-65 software
HP-67/97 De Nieuwe Volledig program-meerbare...)
HP-67/97 Der voll programmierbare Computer im Taschenformat
HP-67 umfangreiche Software-Unterstutzung
HP-67/97 Comprehensive Software Support
HP-71B In Production Process Monitoring...
De Nieuwe HP-71B
HP-91 De eerste wetenschappelijke calculator...
HP-92 Investor Voorheteerst:eenschrijvende, draagbare...
HP-92 Investor For the first time a host of portable...
HP-95LX Palmtop PC met Lotus(R) 1-2-3(R)
HP-95LX Derive
Prijslijst HP95LX
Waarom Hewlet-Packard voor computer-logika kiest
Enter vs =
HP-10C/11C/15C/16C Wetenschappelijke calculators voor specialistische toepassihgen
HP-10 Alle voordelen van een tafelrekenmachine
HP-21 Accessories Color
HP-21 Wetenschappelijke pocket-calaculator (2 versions)
HP-22 De universele calculator voor de zakenwereld
HP-25C Blijft zijn programma...
HP-25c Programmeerbare wetenschappelijke...
HP-19C/29C Beide met permanent geheugen
HP-19C/29C Beide Mit C-MOS-Permanent-Speicher
Series 80 Problem Solvers for Professionals.
HP-31E Scientific Calculator Orders Accepted Starting May 1, 1978
HP-41 Advanced Programmable Calcultors, HP-71 Handheld Comuters
HP-41C Just Aim And Print!
Dual HP-IL adapter
Series 40 Software & Accessories
Step up to Excellence with an HP Programmable And get up to $85 of software
A Wealth of Accessories (two versions)
German Calculator Brochure 1975
Warum sich Hewlett-Packard fur Computer-Logik entschieden hat,
HP-35 der wissenschaftliche Taschenrechner
48 As Powerful as a computer...
HP 9100A/B, Calculators for Science and Engineering
HP 9815A Technical Data
HP 9815A-S Technical Data
RPN: A Logic Without Equal!
Dank U Wel Voor Uw Interesse (response card)
HP-41C A calculdora que opera uma nave espacial...
Custom Products from Hewlett-Packard (3/84)
HP 28C & 41 Brochure (6/87)
HP Calculators Brochure (4/78)
HP Engineering Works of Art (2/76)
HP Series 10 Professional Calculators
HP Spring - Woodstock leaflet
HP-41 Program Solves for Ceiling Plenum Temperatures
HP-55 Brochure
HP-55 Free Trial (12/1974)
HP-55 Offer Letter
HP-9820A Brochure
You & Hewlett-Packard HP-41
System 35/45 Assembly Language Optimization
System 35/45 Assembly Language Techniques

Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.

HP-41C Additional IC Specifications
HP-71 Hardware IDS (more complete than previous scan)

HP Journal Articles

HP Journal December 1972 HP 9810, 20, 30

EduCALC Technical Notes

1: HP-41CV or HP-41CX
2: HP-42CX or HP-28C
3: HP-41 Printers
4: Adding More Memory To My HP-71
5: Adding More Memory To My HP-41
6: Combining HP-41 Modules To Save Ports
7: HP-41 Speed-Ups
8: Advanced User Products (HP-41 RAM Box, ADC71A etc.)
9: HP-41 Power Sources
10: HP-41 EPROMS
11: Video Monitors and HP Handheld Calcularors
14: Static Electricty And My Calculator
19: HP-41 Glossary Of Terms
20: Factoring Large Numbers On A Pocket Calculator
28: Goodies Disc #1 Description
29: Goodies Disc #2 Description
30: Goodies Disc #3 Description
Goodies Disc #5 Description
33: Goodies Disk #6 Description
Goodies Disc #7 Description
35: HP 48 Goodies Disc #8 Description
36: HP 48 Goodies Disc #9 Description
50C: INPUT - By Example
51C: HP 48 Loop Structures By Example
52C: Writing your First HP 48 Program


The following people have contributed/promised manual scans:

Scanning Details

Most applications pacs and User's Libraries were scanned at 300 dpi B&W (1 bit). Most Owner's Handbooks were scanned at 300 dpi 1 bit B&W or 200 dpi 4 bit gray scale. The latter gives similar text quality to 300 dpi B&W while also keeping complex color usage readable. Most of the documents marked Color were scanned at 300 dpi.

Format Details

The scans are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/Acrobat) files. Acrobat readers for a large number of platforms may be freely downloaded from Adobe. Acrobat files are highly compressed and store an entire manual in a single file. PDFs may be viewed on screen or printed. Because they are scanned at high resolution, printing is recommended.

Scan Quality and Omitted Pages

These scans were made by volunteers with their own equipment. Because of this, scans vary somewhat in resolution, darkness etc. Some volunteers omitted blank pages from the scans and others kept them. While the scans have been browsed for readability and completeness, due to the size of this project, there may be missing or duplicated pages. Any missing pages will be posted on the website for downloading.

* Scanned from a copy. The quality is somewhat lower than the other scans.

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