The Museum of HP Calculators

CDs Six and Seven

This page is meant to coordinate the scanning of the sixth and seventh HP Museum CDs. The release date for these CDs is unknown at this time. If you have anything that is missing from the current CD set and not listed below, please contact Dave Hicks.

Calculator Manuals
Options and Peripherals
Calculator ROMs
Calculator Software
Quick Reference Guides.
    Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.
HP Computer Curriculum
HP Digests
Catalogs etc.

Items listed below are already promised for CD 6

Calculator Manuals

HP-22S Manual
HP-41 CX Manuals
HP-41C/CV (Guide for the Experienced User)
HP-48SX Programmer's Reference Manual
HP-71B Quick Reference Guide
HP-9825 Operating and Programming
Your HP Financial Calculator: an intro. to financial concept and problem solving
Solving Problems With Your HP Calculator
HP 9845 Owners manual

German Language Manuals:
HP-14B Owner's Manual
HP-15C Owner's Manual
HP-16C Owner's Manual
HP-19C/29C Owners Handbook
HP-21 Owner's Manual
HP-25 Owner's Manual
HP-25C Owners Manual
HP-25C Applications Manual
HP-27S Owner's Manual
HP-28S Owner's Manual
HP-28S Reference Manual
HP-32E Owner's Manual
HP-33E Owner's Manual
HP-33E/C Owner's Manual
HP-34C Owner's Manual
HP-34C Standard Programs
HP-41C CCD Module**
HP-41C Card Reader Manual
HP-42S Owner's Manual
HP-67 Standard Pac
HP9825A Operating
HP9830A Quick Reference
General manual for technical-industrial computers

French Manuals
HP-55 Statistics Programs
HP-71 Finance Pac


Options and Peripherals

HP 11202A I/O Interface Installation and Service Manual (9800 series)
HP 11205A Serial Interface Installation and Service Manual (9800 series)
HP 11203A BCD Interface Installation and Service Manual (9800 series)
HP 82168A HP-IL Acoustic Coupler Owner's Manual
HP 82401A HP-IL Interface Owner's Guide (for the HP 71)
82479A HP71B Data Acquisition Module
HP 82938A HP-80 series HP-IL interface
HP 82950A HP-80 series Modem
HP 98032A 16-Bit Interface Installation and Service Manual
HP 98035A Real Time Clock Installation and Operation Manual (98xx Series)
HP 98036A Serial I/O Interface (98xx Series)
98130A Plotter Interface Operating and Service (HP 9815A)
98133A BCD Interface Operating and Service (HP 9815A)
HP 9825 Advanced Programming
HP 9825 String Variable Programming
HP 9825 General I/O Programming
HP 9825 Extended I/O Programming
HP 9825 Operating and Programming Reference
HP 9885 9885M S Flexible Disk Drive Installaion
Zenwand-71 Owner's Manual


Calculator ROMs

HP-41C CCD Module** (German Language)
HP-41C Navigation Pac*
HP-41CV emulator card for the HP-48SX (HP 82210A)
HP-71B-HP41 Translator Module Manual
HP-71B Math Module
HP-9810 Alpha Rom
HP-9810 Math Block
HP 9830 Calculator Adv. Programming 1
HP 9845 Assembly Execution ROM
HP-9845 Graphics ROM Programming
PANAME Module (English translation)

Calculator Software

Pac/book Pac/book
HP-19C/29C Finance Solutions
HP-41C Antennas (UL)
HP-41C Chemistry Solutions
HP-41C Control Systems (UL)
HP-41C System Demo (HP 00041-90445)
HP-65 Math Pac 1
HP-65 EE Pac 1
HP-67/97 COGO Surveying
HP-67 Standard Pac????? DO!!????!
HP-67/97 Programming Pad
HP-75 Games I Pac
HP-75 I/O Utilities
HP-80 Real Estate Applications
           HP Systen 35 General Utility Routines (Missing finance section.)
HP 9830 Math Pac
HP 9830 Stat Pac Vol 1
HP 9830 Stat Pac Vol 2
HP 9845 System Excerciser
HP 9845 Workbook

Quick Reference Guides.

HP-41C Math Pac I
82104A Card Reader
82120A Rechargeable Battery Pack
82160A HP-IL Module
82180A Extended Functions/Memory Module
82181A Extended Memory Module
82182A Time Module
82183A Extended I/O Module
82183A Extended I/O Module (reformatted)
82401A HP-IL Interface
HP 9826 HPL Quick Reference Guide
HP BASIC 4.0 Condensed Reference


HP RPN / Algebraic A Comparative Analysis
HP-10C/11C/15C/16C brochure
HP-11C (Brazillian)
HP-15C (Brazillian)
HP-28C (Brazillian)
HP-33C/34C (Brazillian)
HP-35 Capability Study
HP-35 Brochures (3)
HP-35 Accessories
New HP-41C
HP-41CV (Brazillian)
HP-45 Brochures (4)
HP 70 Demonstration Book
Series 80 Catalog
Get the Full Power of Two Pocket Calculators one 9 oz unit. (HP-45)
Pocket Hardware / Pocket Softwate (HP-65)
Using the World's First Fully Programmable Pocket Calculator... (HP-65)
HP-82240 (Brazillian)
"Basic Exchange" HP Newsletters

Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.

HP RPN / Algebraic A Comparative Analysis
HP-71B Hardware Internal Design Specification (IDS)
HP-85A service manual
HP 9100 Service Manual
HP9125B Plotter Service Manual (9100 family)

HP Computer Curriculum

Air Pollution Student Lab Book
Air Pollution Teachers Advisor
Classical Statistical Mechanics
Electric And Magnetic Fields
Functions Student Lab Book
Functions Teachers Advisor
Geometric Optics Student Lab Book
Geometric Optics Teachers Advisor
Linear Equations And Systems Student Lab Book
Linear Equations And Systems Teachers Advisor
Mathematical System Student Lab Book
Mathematical Systems Teachers Advisor
Mechanics Student Lab Book
Mechanics Teachers Advisor
Number Set Student Lab Book
Number Sets Teachers Advisor
Quantum Mechanics
Waves Student Lab Book
Waves Teachers Advisor

HP Journal Articles

HP-35: June 72
HP-21, 22, & 25: November 1975
Personal Calculator Algorithms I: May 1977
Personal Calculator Algorithms II: June 1977
Personal Calculator Algorithms III: November 1977
Personal Calculator Algorithms IV: April 1978
Financial Calculator sets new standards for accuracy: October 77
HP-41C driving an HP-7470 Plotter: December 1982
HP-41C Digital Multimeter, Data Acquisition Unit, New HP-41C ROM: February 1983
HP-41C Cassette Drive May 1983
HP Calculator IR link, HP 82240A Printer, HP-18C & 28C Robotic Manufacturing: October 1987
HP-48SX: June 1991
HP-48GX: August 1994:


The following volunteers contributed manual scans:

Scanning Details

Most applications pacs and User's Libraries were scanned at 300 dpi B&W (1 bit). Most Owner's Handbooks were scanned at 300 dpi 1 bit B&W or 200 dpi 4 bit gray scale. The latter gives similar text quality to 300 dpi B&W while also keeping complex color usage readable. There are also a few color scans.

Format Details

The scans are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/Acrobat) files. Acrobat readers for a large number of platforms may be freely downloaded from Adobe. Acrobat files are highly compressed and store an entire manual in a single file. PDFs may be viewed on screen or printed. Because they are scanned at high resolution, printing is recommended.

Scan Quality and Omitted Pages

These scans were made by volunteers with their own equipment. Because of this, scans vary somewhat in resolution, darkness etc. Some volunteers omitted blank pages from the scans and others kept them. While the scans have been browsed for readability and completeness, due to the size of this project, there may be missing or duplicated pages. Any missing pages will be posted on the website for downloading.

* Scanned from a copy. The quality is somewhat lower than the other scans.

** Used with the permision of W&W Software Products GmbH

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