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HP 67CX Scientific Calculator
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HP 67C Scientific Calculator
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HP 67C / CX


A large memory
1,000 storage registers, R000 through R999 in the HP 67CX. 500 in the HP 67C. 9,999 program steps in the HP 67CX or 4,999 in the HP 67C. The large memory lets you benefit from the biggest and most comprehensive library of calculator programs, games and software applications including all HP-65 and HP-67 programs.

Interested in learning how to get the right answer?
Then choose the RPN step-by-step mode for dynamic problem solving. All steps and results are displayed for easy viewing and understanding. If you are not experienced with RPN, then the HP 67C / CX can also be used in algebraic and 10-key modes. Experienced users will appreciate the configurable stack size (3 to 99 levels) and the RPN3 mode that emulates the HP 9100 and HP 9810 calculators.

Leading-Edge Design
Smooth edges, soft curves, and a sleek, sturdy design, make the HP 67C / CX ideal for either hand-held or desktop use. It comes in an appealing, green with a matching brown cover that helps minimize damage. Additional protection of its three-line alphanumeric LED display is provided by a synthetic ruby screen - a first in the calculator industry. The user-friendly HP 67C / CX keyboard has large keys with generous key spacing to minimize undesired key presses. Alpha letters are accessed by a two-level menu system.

Computer Algebra System
With optional programs the HP 67C / CX boasts truly dynamic symbolic manipulation and solving. Working with complex equations or expressions? The HP 67C / CX will automatically prompt you to switch to complex mode.

See more on the big screen
Choose to input and view equations and expressions on the 3-line x 26-character, high contrast screen using recently-developed HP "superbrite" LEDs. The display automatically adjusts for ambient light levels and is easily read in sunlight to total darkness.

Long Battery Life
Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries supply up to 18 hours per charge and charge in just one hour. Continuous memory can be maintained for more than three months.

Extensible Storage
The new high-speed smart card reader can read all HP-65 and HP-67 cards with automatic software translation. It also records on new high-density metal-particle cards in a single pass using a new 9-track head design. Total storage on metal-particle cards is 200 registers. Extended length cards are also available. The optional HP16435 extended length card can store the entire program and register space of the HP 67CX twice on a single 26" magnetic card. An optional extended-length case with belt-loop is available for carrying the calculator and up to 600 HP16435 cards. The optional HP17002 card pen set includes 6 pens that match the keyboard colors for foolproof softkey labeling.

A Powerful Programming System
26 program partitions (similar to the HP-95C's 4 partitions). 126 labels per partition. Program steps appear as mnemonics instead of keycodes. A ROM expansion slot in the battery compartment allows additional software systems to be added. Currently, HPL and Linux expansion ROMs are available. PPC, ZENROM and SETEC Astronomy options will be available soon.

Make a Statistical Inference!
The HP 67C / CX goes beyond analyzing sample data. You can perform hypothesis tests, and measure confidence intervals that relate to a population. Input, view and edit sample data in a table format, similar to a computer spreadsheet or table, then plot the results.


HP 67C / CX


Physical Features
Display 3-line x 26-character super-brite high-contrast LED
Entry system logic RPN
Menus, prompts, alpha messages, softkeys Yes
no of registers 500 (C) or 1000 (CX)
Built-in functions Hundreds
Shift Keys 5
Menu keys 5 keys with 5 shifts allow for 30 soft functions
Math and Statistical Features
+, -, x, /, sq. root, 1/x, +/-, 1nx, ex, n!, yx, logx, 10x, x2, %, pi Yes
Fractions Yes
Trig., Hyperbolic, HP Solve (root finder) Yes
Numeric integration/ Complex number functions Yes
Statistical analysis Multivariate/stat
SUM x, SUM x2, SUM y, SUM y2, SUM xy Yes
Sample standard deviation/ mean/ weighted mean Yes
Linear regression, combinations, permutations Yes
Curve fit (LN ,LOG, EXP, POW) Yes
Normal, X, t, F distribution Yes
Thermal noise random number generator Yes
Scientific Features
Decimal hrs/hrs.min.sec. conversions Yes
Polar/ rectangular and angle conversions Yes
Base conversions and arithmetic Yes
Unit conversions Yes
Bit, Boolean operations Yes
Vector and Matrix Operations
Matrix operations, rectangular and polar Yes
Cylindrical, spherical Yes
HP matrix writer, row and column operations No
APLETS (built-in or added applications including Note and Sketch menus) No
Notepad On back
Graphing Functions with interactive graphics No
Customizing Features
Method RPN
no of program lines 4999 (C) or 9999 (CX)
Optional Infrared Printer, HP 82240B Yes
Computer Link No
Two-way Infrared I/O Yes
Battery Pack Lithium-ion
Warranty One-year warranty

Sneak Preview!
The HP 67C / CX is only the first in HP's New Classics series. The next model is the HP 68WX due this July. A preliminary description and keyboard layout are available now.

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