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Prime Colors
12-05-2017, 07:43 PM
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RE: Prime Colors
(12-05-2017 02:30 PM)DrD Wrote:  Rev C hardware, alone, doesn't equal more legible keyboards. I have purchased two rev C models, the first rev C I purchased as a replacement for a failed rev A model. (It failed due to a defective key). That rev C HAS the less readable set of key legends! Recently (last month) I purchased another new rev C, from Best Buy, which I could see that had the darker more legible shift key legends.

I also can say that the darker legends are just an improvement. Only an improvement. The key legends are still difficult to see, but they are an improvement. It is particularly noticeable when my two rev C calculators sit side by side. If you are able to see them side by side with different ambient lighting conditions, such as color temperature (incandescent 2700K vs, daylight 5000K), or brightness levels (lumens), it makes a difference.

The newer rev C have numerical keys that are nearly white, instead of grey. (The orange alpha mode legends are more easily seen, against a white background). The darker blue legends for the shift mode keys, ARE a great improvement! Opinion: I see about twice the benefit of the newer keyboard over the previous, but no difference at all for the keys in the black area, (such as copy/paste etc.).

If you are buying a rev C hp prime for the first time, make sure you get the dark blue shift key model. The sky blue or lighter blue, is the earlier harder to see model. It is easy to confuse, since the toolbox key has a black surround, which can easily be seen, but look at the [Shift] key for a dark blue surround.

For that reason I want to see the next Prime I buy...
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