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(50g) Quick 2 IQUOT
10-12-2017, 07:28 AM (This post was last modified: 10-31-2017 10:05 PM by Gene.)
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(50g) Quick 2 IQUOT
I have found a programme that apparently does


faster for input > 10^10.

Could someone please verify the assembly code as its analysis is beyond my capabilities.

Also does anyone know the source of the programme?

  # FF
    FPTR2 ^ZAbs
    FPTR2 ^QIsZero?
    A=DAT1  A 
    R0=A  A 
    C=DAT0  A 
    C-7 A 
    P=C   0
    CSR    A 
    A=0    B 
    C=DAT0  WP
    D=C    WP
    C=C+C  WP
    A+2 B 
    *FFDA8 C=C+C  WP
    A=A+1  B 
    *FFDB1 C=C+D  WP
    A=A+1  B 
    ?P=   0 ->  FFDD5
    CSR    WP
    DAT0=C  WP
    *FFDD5 B=0    W 
    GOC  FFE29
    C=DAT0 16
    B=A    P 
    A=0    P 
    D=C    W 
    C=C+C  W 
    A+2 B 
    *FFDFF C=C+C  W 
    GONC FFE08
    A=A+1  B 
    *FFE08 C=C+D  W 
    GONC FFE11
    A=A+1  B 
    *FFE11 C=C+B  W 
    A=A+1  B 
    DAT0=C 16
    *FFE29 ?A=0  P  ->  FFE39
    DAT0=A  P 
    *FFE39 C=DAT0  B 
    CSR    B 
    DAT0=C  P 
    GOSBVL =Shrink$
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