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Remember comp.sources.hp48?
10-23-2020, 12:46 AM (This post was last modified: 10-23-2020 12:47 AM by CMarangon.)
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RE: Remember comp.sources.hp48?
I remember comp.ys.hp48.

It is still alive, but is not the same.
I know few people there.
Greatest part of the people fromm the original newsgroup migrated to HP Museum Forum.

Maintain a forum alive is a hard thing to do.
It is problem of flood, spam, bad posters, data bank, server that crash
and it also needs to be moderated. There are also people that lost passwords and so on.
Off topic posts, racisms and offensive posts that need to be deleted people that post porno images are also problems.
At http://answers. yahoo. com, there are robots from China making flood and spam.

I had a forum in one of my sites but I gave it up due of problems with PHP.
Script was old and does not work more with newer PHP versions. Many pages in Java
now apperas blank. If java and Flash are not dead are in the way...

For this many sites of HP calculators does not have foruns.

I give praise to the HP Museum for keep this forum working.

(08-24-2017 11:56 AM)pier4r Wrote:  
(08-23-2017 11:56 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  For a short while, after his untimely death, Prof Rautenberg's site with HP49G/49G+/50g programs totally disappeared.

Exactly and unfortunately there are plenty of those gems (not only calculator related, could be even related to the history of, dunno, Portland - Oregon or Ragusa Italy) that get lost and little is done.

For example from your observation I realize that we may start organizing a sort of scraping of important websites for the hp community at least (even better if the author is active and we can get the dumps of the site).

For example an idea would be those mentioned here (if you know more, please share).

If we create a recurring torrent - that is great for those activities - we can maintain a sort of versioning of the most important sites with little effort. One produces the torrent, the others collect it and keep sharing it.

Would it be an idea? If yes, we can start another thread to organize the action and start small (I'd say: / MoHPC / comp.sys.hp48 first)

PS: I know the site of the prof rautenberg. I ended up there for the first time only some weeks ago to get "filer6". I never knew it had such amount of examples/programs. Really a nice site. Also for the moment I live in Berlin (and I plan to live here) if they take it down again I may go to the FU university in person and ask for the data. I may do it nevertheless actually, and maybe it can be hosted somewhere else that is more stable, like a subdomain of Eric's website?

Carlos - Brazil
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