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Windows keyboard layout for the HP Prime
03-19-2017, 04:38 AM
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Windows keyboard layout for the HP Prime
I have created a new Windows keyboard layout intended to facilitate typing the special symbols used on the HP Prime. It is based on the regular United States layout, but it adds support for the "AltGr" (right Alt) key to type the special characters.

When this keyboard layout is active, your right Alt key (the AltGr key) now allows you to type special characters. The following are available:


√   Square Root             AltGr-Q
¤   Currency                AltGr-W
Δ   Delta                   AltGr-E
→   Right Arrow             AltGr-R
θ   Theta                   AltGr-T
¥   Yen                     AltGr-Y
£   Pound                   AltGr-U
▶   STO Arrow               AltGr-O
π   Pi                      AltGr-P
«   Left Angle Quote        AltGr-[ 
»   Right Angle Quote       AltGr-]
¦   Broken Bar              AltGr-\
∡   Angle Sign              AltGr-A
Σ   Sigma                   AltGr-S
∂   Derivative              AltGr-D
§   Section                 AltGr-F
°   Degree                  AltGr-G
“   Left Double Quote       AltGr-H
”   Right Double Quote      AltGr-J
∫   Integral                AltGr-L
¶   Paragraph               AltGr=;
¬   Not Sign                AltGr-Z
¢   Cents Sign              AltGr-X
©   Copyright Sign          AltGr-C
®   Registered Sign         AltGr-V
™   Trademark Sign          AltGr-B
∞   Infinity                AltGr-N
µ   Mu                      AltGr-M
≤   Less Than Or Equal      AltGr-,
≥   Greater Than Or Equal   AltGr-.
≠   Not Equal               AltGr-/
¹   Superscript 1           AltGr-1
²   Superscript 2           AltGr-2
³   Superscript 3           AltGr-3
€   Euro Sign               AltGr-5
¼   One Quarter             AltGr-6
½   One Half                AltGr-7
¾   Three Quarters          AltGr-8
‘   Left Single Quote       AltGr-9
’   Right Single Quote      AltGr-0
÷   Divide                  AltGr--
×   Multiply                AltGr-=

You can also type the following characters, but due to limitations, possibly caused by both of these characters being in the "Private Use" area, I can't get them to work with the HP Connectivity Kit, but they do work fine in the HP Prime Virtual Calculator:


   Complex i               AltGr-I
   Superscript -1          AltGr-4

Additionally, the following keys are setup as "dead keys". This means that after you press them, the next character typed will show that character with the specified diacritical mark on it, if available.


`   Grave Accent            AltGr-`
´   Acute Accent            AltGr-'
˜   Tilde                   AltGr-Shift-` (~)
@   Characters æ/œ/ə/Æ/Œ/Ə  AltGr-Shift-2 (@) followed by a/o/e/A/O/E
ˆ   Circumflex              AltGr-Shift-6 (^)
˚   Ring Above              AltGr-Shift-8 (*)
ˉ   Macron                  AltGr-Shift-- (_) (also - gives −, _ gives —, + gives ±, = gives ≡)
¨   Diaeresis/Umlaut        AltGr-Shift-' (")
ˇ   Caron                   AltGr-Shift-C
˘   Breve                   AltGr-Shift-V
¸   Cedilla                 AltGr-Shift-,
·   Dot                     AltGr-Shift-.
/   Slash or Line           AltGr-Shift-/

For example, AltGr-Shift-/ followed by Shift-L gives Ł, and AltGr-' followed by E gives é.

Here's a graphical view of the general layout:

[Image: o162BrL.png]

I've added this to my site at
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04-02-2017, 12:33 PM
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RE: Windows keyboard layout for the HP Prime
Very useful, As I could create, a similar for a keyboard other than ENGLISH
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