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XROMTST - documentation
10-10-2016, 02:11 PM
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XROMTST - documentation
Today I recieved a HHP-16K 41C ROM emulator that when I do a Cat 2 on it shows PPC ROM 2C and MELBROM 1A.
One of the functions in it is XROMTST
Does anybody have the manual for these ROMs or know how XROMTST should be used?
Thanks Dirk.
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RE: XROMTST - documentation
(10-10-2016 02:11 PM)DJSCaver Wrote:  Does anybody ... know how XROMTST should be used?

The function XROMTST which was written by Jim De Arras' and who is part of PPC ROM 2C, validate the checksum of a 4K ROM.

From: PPC Technical Notes #12 Jan-Feb 1982 P.25

How-to: X = XROM-ID then XEQ "XROMTST"
Ex: X=29 XEQ "XROMTST" -> "29 PR-1E TST" -> "29 PR-1E OK"



The steps to follow are detailed below:
1. with the power ON and not in USER mode, press the digits 1 and 2,
2. press the XEG key, then the ALPHA switch at the top right,
3. now spell out XROMTST on the keyboard,
4. press the ALPHA switch again,
5. the message "12 PR-2C TST" will appear,
6. a few seconds later the message "12 PR-2C OK" will appear.

Now repeat steps 2 thru 4 after entering the digits 1 and 9.
You should see the message "19 PD-1A TST" followed by "19 PD-1A OK" a few seconds later.
This brief test routine serves as a simple and easy test that the HP-41 and the HHP-PE are working correctly together.
Should the message "12 PR-2C BAD" or "19 PD-1A BAD" appear, you should call Hand Held Products, Inc. at (704) 541-1380.
Since all units are tested several times prior to shipment, the chances of seeing such a "BAD" message are quite small.
If the above memory test procedure fails for any other reason, check that your HP-41 is fully functional by itself and that the "low battery indicator" is not illuminated.
If the problem persists, please call Hand Held Products, Inc. for further assistance.


edit: add HHP-PE info
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10-10-2016, 10:22 PM
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RE: XROMTST - documentation
Thankyou very much for your great reply. My unit gave a OK to bith the 12 and 19 tests.
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