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rectangular_coordinates and polar_coordiantes
02-06-2014, 08:55 PM
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rectangular_coordinates and polar_coordiantes
It turns out that the HP Prime does have rectangular-polar conversion functions. They are buried in the catalog.


rectangular_coordinates(r, θ) or rectangular_coordinates([r, θ]) returns the vector [x, y]

Example: (Radians mode - CAS mode, works in Home mode too)
rectangular_coordinates(3, π/3) returns [3/2, 3*√(3)/2] (≈ [1.5, 2.59807621135] )

polar_coordinates(x,y) or polar_coordinates([x,y]) returns the vector [r, θ]

polar_coordinates(3,4) returns [5, ATAN(4/3)] (≈ [5, .927295218002] )
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RE: rectangular_coordinates and polar_coordiantes
Hi Eddie,

Even much more easy, with version 5447 (2013 11 25),

Enter your rectangular like
then press [SHIFT] then [x] //where the angle symbol <) is, and will show

11.40...<)52.12... // in degrees


11.40...<).90... // in radians

It help me much and I hope to You too.
best regards!!
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