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Solving with bounds. (SOLVED)
09-03-2015, 12:20 AM (This post was last modified: 09-04-2015 05:40 PM by pwarmuth.)
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Solving with bounds. (SOLVED)
Is it possible to evaluate something like:

solve(sin(x)=1|0<x<4pi) (rad mode) or
zeros(cos(x)|0<x<720 (deg mode)


I found the answers that I was looking for, and I will post them here for others to reference in the future. You can use one of two things to get this behavior. There is indeed a pipe operator, and it's third from the left on the top row of the templates dialog. It's also in the character catalog. Secondly, you can place bounds on a variable prior to using it with the assume() command. You do need to be careful to purge this variable afterwards, otherwise all your calculations with it will continue to be bounded!

assume(x>0 AND x<4*pi)

Then run your solve and it will spit out the answers you are looking for.
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