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(32S) Prime Factors
05-20-2015, 12:50 PM (This post was last modified: 06-15-2017 01:25 PM by Gene.)
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(32S) Prime Factors
Nothing new here, just the usual Mod 30 algorithm. This one is just 3 labels and 100.5 bytes.

F01    LBL F    027.0, 773D
F02    STO X
F03    SQRT
F04    STO M
F05    0
F06    STO F
F07    2
F08    XEQ W
F09    1
F10    XEQ W
F11    2
F12    XEQ W
F13    2
F14    XEQ W
F15    RCL X
F16    LN
F17    x=0?
F18    RTN
Z01    LBL Z    048.0, 7BC2
Z02    4
Z03    XEQ W
Z04    2
Z05    XEQ W
Z06    4
Z07    XEQ W
Z08    2
Z09    XEQ W
Z10    4
Z11    XEQ W
Z12    6
Z13    XEQ W
Z14    2
Z15    XEQ W
Z16    6
Z17    XEQ W
Z18    RCL X
Z19    LN
Z20    x=0?
Z21    RTN
Z22    RCL M
Z23    RCL F
Z24    x>y?
Z25    x=y?
Z26    GTO Z
Z27    RCL X
Z28    STO F
Z29    0
Z30    XEQ W
Z31    CLx
Z32    RTN
W01    LBL W    025.5, 766F
W02    RCL+ F
W03    STO F
W04    RCL X
W05    x<>y
W06    /
W07    FP
W08    x!=0?
W09    RTN
W10    RCL X
W11    RCL/ F
W12    STO X
W13    SQRT
W14    STO M
W15    VIEW F
W16    0
W17    GTO W
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