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truncated variable names in solver
03-26-2015, 06:05 PM
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truncated variable names in solver
when many variables are created in the solver , upon entering the numeric mode are not displayed correctly , only 1 character and then three points is read, making it impossible to identify which variable it is , for example if more than one starts with the same letter: " S1c " and " S2c " are shown as " S ..." and " S ... "

the equations:
[Image: oSC1El8s.jpg?1] pic

if I choose only one equation, and therefore few variables , the names are displayed correctly:

[Image: QTHq0mss.jpg?1] pic

if I choose 2 equations , there are a total of 8 variables and groups in 2 columns and variable names are truncated:

[Image: xCNli3ls.jpg?1] pic

[Image: h1bw5aws.jpg?1] pic

as seen in this last image , you can not distinguish S1c and S2c .
Obviously S1c is the first and the second S2c but this becomes much more complex when they increase the number of variables and equations.

is there any way to change the view type ?

sorry for my bad English.
thank you very much in advance.
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