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(HP-97/67) Two Compartment Analysis & Simulations
06-12-2024, 05:02 PM
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(HP-97/67) Two Compartment Analysis & Simulations
An excerpt from Textbook of Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Copyright© 1979 by APPLETON-CENTURY-CROFTS {Prentice-Hall}, 358 pages

   Most of the programs described above require elaborate computer set-ups and are often quite expensive to run, especially for a small scale facility. In order to reduce the cost, stripping-type computer programs (such as CSTRIP or HP-97) and the SR-52 model programs reported by the author can be used. CSTRIP requires access to a digital computer, whereas the use of such inexpensive calculators as HP-97 and SR-52 provides model fitting with an accuracy comparable to that of CSTRIP. To illustrate, the HP-97 program for the fitting of a two compartment open model with intravenous administration is reproduced as follows.


   The flow diagram of the program is given in Figure C.l. Turn the calculator on and go into program mode. After clearing the existing program memory, enter the steps listed in Table C.2. Using the data in Table C.3, calculate the pharmacokinetic parameters. The first step involves calculation of approximate parameters in order to obtain an estimate of the time at which the distribution process will be fairly well completed:

Thus, in using this program one not only obtains all of the pharmacokinetic parameters, but one can also simulate the blood levels, given a dosing interval and the dose. Programs of this nature have great applicability in clinical situations, where the individualization of dosage regimen may be based on the patient’s pharmacokinetic parameters. Following are some programs available from the Hewlett-Packard Company …

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