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(HP-67) Optometric Applications of Programmable Calculators
05-22-2024, 12:47 AM
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(HP-67) Optometric Applications of Programmable Calculators
An excerpt from Optometric Applications of Programmable Calculators, Pacific University, College of Optometry, Theses, Dissertations and Capstone Projects, 2-1978, 216 pages

                           Table of Contents

pages 1 - 5 are text while pages 6 - 207 are complete program forms!

Section I  Ophthalmic Optics       6-45
       Effective Prism Power
       Crossed Prism Resultant
       Lens Power Needed at New Vertex Distance
       Positional Effective Power
       Effective Power/Equivalent Power/Neutralizing Power
       Minimum Blank Size
       Oblique Cylinder Sum
       Conversion: Diopters to Radius in mm. Radius in mm. to Diopters

Section II  Contact Lenses       46-114
       May-Grant lens of 1st Approximation
       Tabb lens of 1st Approximation
       Roggenkamp Specifications for Prism Ballast Front Torie or Bifocal Contact Lens
       Effective Power of Spectacle lenses
       Back Surface Power of PMMA Contact Lenses
       Residual. Astigmatism Induced at Tear/Cornea Interface by Contact Lens
       Cylinder Induced by Torie Contact lens
       Contact Lens Power Necessary to Correct Ametropia
       Toric Contact Lens Parameters
       Extended Keratometer Range
       Magnification Difference Spectacle/Contacts
       Sag Formula
       Brungardt Equations I
       Brungardt Equations II

Section III  Aniseikonia       115-124
       Aniseikonia I
       Aniseikonia II

Section IV  Low Vision       125-129
       Calculation bf Needed Mag., Add, & Working Distance
       Determination of Acuity Demand from Letter Size and Working Distance
       Contact Lens Telescope Calculators
       Shape, Power, and Spectacle Magnification

Section V  Case Analysis       145-207
       Pratt, Sheard, Percival
       Four Accommodative Rxs & Average
       Linear Transform

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