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HP-97/67 HI FI Pac Part 2 Loudspeaker BASS-REFLEX Enclosure
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HP-97/67 HI FI Pac Part 2 Loudspeaker BASS-REFLEX Enclosure
Hello everyone,
here I am again to present my latest work. BASS-REFLEX97_67 is the version for HP-97/67 calculators (but also adaptable with appropriate modifications to the HP-41C) of the BASS-REFLEX loudspeaker project after having presented the version for CLOSED-BOX some time ago. The program is made up of three magnetic cards to be used in sequence, BASS-REFLEX97_67 13, BASS-REFLEX97_67 23, BASS-REFLEX97_67 33. Attached, in addition to the three magnetic cards with their respective listings, each in PDF format and in .hp97 format ready to be used with the LimpidFox HP-97 simulator,you will find a sample project printout with the AUDAX-PR38S100 driver in PDF format.There are also some magnetic data cards with the necessary input data of some sample drivers. The program, after having loaded the THIELE-SMALL parameters of the speaker and having verified the accuracy of the data (preferably storing them in a data card), provides for the reading of card 13 in the card reader through which, after having chosen the QL of the speaker and the desired alignment (B4,C4,QB3), the values of FB,F3 and Vb of the speaker are calculated and printed. The program uses a calculation approximation that checks whether the driver's QTS is compatible with the chosen alignment type and, if not, "Error" will flash on the display. At this point you can try a different QL and/or a different alignment.By inserting the second card 23 into the reader, the program will calculate and print the following project data: The minimum diameter Dvmin. of the vent, the length Lv, the max (theoretical) length of the vent, the FB, F3, Vb, and the BUMP of the speaker. The user, if satisfied, can keep these data or can vary the diameter of the vent, the volume of the case, or the FB of the case. The program will recalculate and print the updated value data. If you are not satisfied, you can return to the first step of the program, rereading the data card of the driver values, inserting card 13 again and choosing another option. When everything is confirmed, the last card 33 is read and the frequency response of the BASS-REFLEX speaker for that speaker is printed. Clearly, as already specified in the SEALEDBOX version, this program is "for professionals or DIY hobbyists" with at least basic knowledge of the HI-FI world. As usual, I hope that the program can be useful to some people who are nostalgic for old HP calculators like me, also out of simple curiosity to discover the renowned potential of these calculators. Suggestions and/or corrections from any of you are welcome. Thanks for the attention.
The BASS-REFLEX97_67_23.hp97 card has been updated for calculating the minimum Dv.
When entering the THIELE-SMALL parameters of the Woofer in STEP 1, enter the Vd in m^3 and STO D
Update 2!,
fixed some minor bugs
Added two working examples:

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