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Kudos to TI...
12-01-2023, 03:26 AM
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RE: Kudos to TI...
(11-30-2023 10:22 PM)John Keith Wrote:  Also, not everything after the Classics went downhill- the Voyagers are very durable and reliable.

They are the best of the lot after the Classics. But looking at the entirety they are almost a statistical fluke. Or a reaction to the infamous Spice series.

What I think happened was a paradigm shift at HP. They were accustomed to selling high end equipment to professional engineers, and more often than not selling to other companies directly, not individuals. So their first machines were built to that standard. However, in short order, they found themselves in the consumer market which is much more price sensitive. So they had to adapt to keep a reasonable profit margin. And, as we can see, they were not very good at knowing what corners to cut to reduce costs and still keep the 'lasting value' that was touted at the time.

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