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(HP-97/67) Selection Timing
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(HP-97/67) Selection Timing
An excerpt from the Musicians's Guide to Independent Record Production, Appendix A, Selection Timing Program for the HP-97, Will Connelly, 1981, pg. 50

"  If the music is fully arranged, the only control over selection time is to modify the tempo. There is relatively little room for tempo variation without impairing the feel of a tune, but a "stretch" or "shrink" of two or three percent (fine to seven seconds in a nominal four-minute tune) is often possible The other option is to alter the arrangement length; for example, a repeat can be made from the bridge instead of from the top of a chorus, or a chorus, intro, tag, or segue can be cut or added.
  A computer program that is designed for use with a Hewlett Packard HP-97 programmable calculator is furnished in Appendix A. This program greatly simplifies timing calculations for producers, arrangers, and leaders. The number of beats per measure and the number of measures in a full chorus of the song must be known. After these data are keyed in, the program will calculate total number of choruses, tempo (beats per minute), and total time when any two of these factors are known … "

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