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Repaired INDXUK swap disk
08-11-2014, 03:54 PM
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Repaired INDXUK swap disk
The copy of the INDXUK swap disk which is available on the MoHPC ftp site is corrupted, resulting in its first file being unreadable. Unfortunately, that corruption is not unique to that copy. For example, my own physical floppy copy of INDXUK from the 1980's contains the same corruption.

Here's the problem. As you can see here, the first file of INDXUK is called HPALL3EC, is a LIF1 (text) file, and is supposed to start at disk record 00c00:

[Image: indxuk01.png]

However, the first 32 bytes of HPALL3EC somehow got overwritten with hex F's, rendering the file unreadable:

[Image: indxuk02.png]

Rather than searching the world for an uncorrupted floppy, I reconstructed what the missing 32 bytes must have been, based on the other index files on INDXUK:

[Image: indxuk03.png]

When these 32 bytes are patched into place, the HPALL3EC file becomes readable again, with its contents correct and intact (all 77056 bytes!). A patched copy of INDXUK can be downloaded from HERE (125K GZipped). It is identical to the version that had been in the archive, byte for byte, except for the 32 repaired bytes highlighted above.

I respectfully request that the MoHPC ftp archive version of INDXUK.GZ be replaced with this repaired version. Also, if you have either a corrupted physical INDXUK floppy in your disk collection (you can tell by trying to load or print HPALL3EC), or a copy of INDXUK.GZ previously downloaded from MoHPC, I suggest that you replace it with the repaired version.

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