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05-10-2024, 02:41 AM
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(05-09-2024 05:42 PM)keenerb Wrote:  I would very much like to be able to protect/backup/restore the memory contents of your hobby calculators, is that anything that might be in the realm of possibilty? Even if it's just for the PX41CX it'd be really nice.

The new PX41CX has a serial port, with a serial to USB cable you are able to dump and restore the contents of the calculator.

Pierre has written an excellent excel macro to decode and encode, check it out at:

It is also compatible with Swiss Micros online decode and encode utilities.
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05-10-2024, 08:10 AM
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(05-10-2024 02:41 AM)agarza Wrote:  Pierre has written an excellent excel macro...
Thanks Alex.

My interface is also compatible with HP41 emulators and the original HP-41C/CV/CX via Barcode.
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[Image: interf_EN.jpg]
(I'll have to change the photo of the PX41CX!)

You can therefore download it from my site
or directly here.
(works in Excel)
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