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Sparcom General Chemistry Application Pac
03-04-2022, 02:04 AM
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Sparcom General Chemistry Application Pac
Hi everyone,

Still love the HP calculators I've purchased. I use to use an HP 48gx with the General chemistry pac from Sparcom. I loved the program, it was great for solving underspedificed chemistry problems that always come up. I find myself now aday using my 50g much more, it's just faster.

Does anyone know of the programming code is available, what happened to sparcom and their code? Would love to see this on the 50g. I know large parts may have been written in assembly langugage, but they really got that software RIGHT, and I miss it's functionality. Would it be possible to get the code and recompile on HP 50g?? I like the periodic table, (which was taken from the pac) for the new hp50g, but the solving of chemistry problems was great. Does anyone else have recollection of this, and have a working solution for a 50g. I keep thinking of perhaps using an equation solver, and inputing the under-defined equation sets to be solved. Anyone have contacts or people who might know where to obtain the code, or purchase?

Thanks everyone.

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