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Update of Emu42 to v1.26
09-21-2021, 05:55 PM
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Update of Emu42 to v1.26
Emu42 v1.26 is a maintenance update available at

Among minor fixes I mainly improved the support for the HP22S and especially for the HP32S calculator.

Like for the HP32SII I implemented the "Save Object..." and "Load Object..." feature for the HP32S. This allows to export single or multiple User Code Programs (Labels) to a file for sharing or as backup copy and import them back into a Emu42 state file. User Code Programs of the HP32S and HP32SII are not binary compatible so you cannnot import a HP32S User Code Program in a HP32SII or vice versa.

The Emu42 installation package now contain KML scripts for the HP22S and HP32S, both also separate available for download.

The updated KML script package for the HP32SII fix a problem with transparency pixel inside the background picture and use the new keyboard mapping file "Keyb32sii.kmi". The old file name "Keyb32s.kmi" is now used by the HP32S scripts having a minor different mapping. So when you make separate KML script downloads and installed the HP32S script you should also update the HP32SII package for getting the old key mapping behavior back. When you're using own KML scripts for the HP32SII and use the keyboard mapping file "Keyb32s.kmi" of the distribution package, modify the include file name to "Keyb32sii.kmi" please. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also fixed a legal issue in the installer, at the license page the GPLv2 license must not agreed any more. It's allowed to use programs under the GPLv2 license without license agreement. That's a common problem with the NSIS installer not supporting this special license case.

Further changes, also in the installation package:

Updated the MKE42 package with updated MKE42.DAT file with added HP22S and HP32S calculator definitions.

Updated the SACALCD package taking respect of different annunciator pin use between the HP14B and the HP22S/HP32S for the same display layout.
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