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(TI-59) Solar Architecture
08-06-2021, 03:08 PM
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(TI-59) Solar Architecture
An excerpt from Solar Architecture the direct gain approach, MIT, McGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY, pgs. 161-181

                Interior Air Temperature Swing           161-165
                Solar Angles and Radiation                 166-172
                Average Daily Radiation III                 173-181

Given a data base, the program calculates the 24 hour average and min-max indoor
air temperature for a single zone heated directly by the sun when the storage mass
is either dominated by radiative or convective coupling. Internal gains and nighttime
window insulation are not modeled. Only south facing windows can be modeled.

Given a data base, the program calculates beam, diffuse, and total radiation upon
and transmitted through a specified plane. Radiation values are given for clear sky
conditions on the 21st day of the month specified. Optional output includes hourly
values for solar altitude, azimuth, angle of incidence, beam and diffuse (ground
plane and sky vault) radiation. Optionally, these values may be obtained for any
time and day. Calculations are from ASHRAE procedures for incident radiation
values. The user may specify solar time or standard time. This program does not
compensate for cloudiness or shading.

Given a data base, this program calculates the average daily insolation striking a
surface of any orientation. The daily radiation is broken down into its beam,
diffuse and reflected components, in order to facilitate determining the quantity
transmitted through a glazing system.

User Instructions, Sample Problem, Program Listing etc is included.

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