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FRAM71/B Configuration Spreadsheet [2021-10-23]
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FRAM71/B Configuration Spreadsheet [2021-10-23]
This article is a follow up of the forum thread: FRAM71 : Configuration Spreadsheet [2021-01-31]


Daniel Simpson is the original instigator of the FRAM71 configuration spreadsheet project. As he was thinking to drop his project, I took his idea and decided to give it a shot. The major difficulty when doing this kind of problem with a spreadsheet, is to have formulas that can validate the integrity at all levels (chip, module and FRAM71/B unit). I have done several implementation of the spreadsheet between January 2021 and July 2021, all of them had chip level integrity, but until this one, all completely or partially failed at module level and/or at FRAM71 unit.

FRAM71/B User's Manuals:
  • FRAM71 (Hardware v1.4, Firmware v5.11, "Nashville 2015")
  • FRAM71B (Hardware v1.5, Firmware v6.07, "Denver 2016")
Spreadsheet Versions:
  • Latest Apple Numbers Release:
    • Release Notes:
      • Second Apple Numbers release
      • Chip Type" : LCiM was not validated for HCROM and HCRAM (bug fix)
      • Port : HCRAM test was inverted, ≠ was used instead of = (bug fix)
      • Updated to match Excel UI version
    • 20210808AN Reference Version
    • 20210808AN Development Version (reference version with test cases)
  • Latest Microsoft Excel Release:
    • Release Notes:
      • First Microsoft Excel release
      • Due to a bug in Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac, the Excel spreadsheet version does not have conditional colour formatting for highlighting warnings and errors.
    • 20210808AE Reference Version
    • 20210808AE Development Version (reference version with test cases)
  • Previous Releases:
Software & Hardware Used:
  • Apple Numbers, 11.1 (7031.0.102)
  • Microsoft Excel for Mac, 16.16.27 (201012)
  • macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 running on a MacBook Pro 15" 2019, Intel 2.4 GHz 8-Core i9, 32GB RAM
HPCC 2021 Presentation

Slides used for the configuration spreadsheet presentation done at the HPCC 2021 mini-conference virtually held on October 23, 2021


The goal of this spreadsheet is to create safe FRAM71/B module configuration string and to let the spreadsheet validate invalid or inconsistent options. The spreadsheet currently support FRAM71 and FRAM71B modules. For each FRAM71/B configuration that you do, I suggest that you duplicate the Template tab and do your configuration in the duplicated tab.

FRAM71/B Configuration Worksheet

[Image: 20210808AN-empty.jpg]

FRAM71/B Configuration Information

[Image: 20210808AN-info.jpg]

FRAM71/B Configuration Test Suite Sheet #5 - Valid Double Chips Module - FRAM71

[Image: 20210808AN-TSS-05.jpg]

FRAM71/B Configuration Test Suite Sheet #7 - Invalid Double Chips Module - FRAM71

[Image: 20210808AN-TSS-07.jpg]

FRAM71/B Configuration Test Suite Sheet #9 - Invalid Values - FRAM71/B

[Image: 20210808AN-TSS-09.jpg]

Doing your first configuration
  • Open the spreadsheet
  • Duplicate the template sheet and rename the sheet to MyConfig
    [Image: myconfig_sheet.jpg]
  • In MyConfig sheet, on the first DATA INPUT line, click on Enable checkbox.
    [Image: cfg_02.jpg]
    This will include the line to the validator and configurator logic, at the same time and until you fill up all the input fields you will see errors everywhere.
    The explanation of these errors can be found in the information sheet.
  • Fill up the missing input fields for the line with these values:
    • Enable: checkbox already selected
    • LCiM: select the checkbox
    • Chip Type: from the PopupMenu, choose RAM
    • Chip Size: from the PopupMenu, choose 32K
    • Mem. Block: from the PopupMenu, choose 3
    [Image: cfg_01.jpg]
    When the configuration is valid, you will see on the right side, good values for Chip number, Address, Configuration Value and Port.
    You will also see at the bottom the configuration line that you have to type on your HP-71B.

Configuration samples

I have reproduced the multiple configuration strings that was used in my old FRAM71 Configuration Example (Intermediate Level) article.

Configuration Steps: Note: due to the limit of 10 images maximum for an article, I have put web links to these images instead.

I hope you like it!


Article update log
  • 2021-10-23 : Added HPCC 2021 presentation.
  • 2021-08-08 : Released Apple Numbers second spreadsheet version and Excel first spreadsheet version.
  • 2021-07-31 : Initial post.
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