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HP 3396 Series II Integrator - BASIC?
05-21-2021, 06:00 PM (This post was last modified: 11-11-2021 01:45 PM by Martin Hepperle.)
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HP 3396 Series II Integrator - BASIC?
About 2 years ago I obtained such an Integrator because of its HP-IL interface and built-in ThinkJet printer.

I was hoping that it had BASIC in ROM. Alas, I had to learn, that the BASIC was an optional Plug-In ROM and is not installed in my system.
As this BASIC has some commands to talk to the HP-IL I would like to find a copy of this ROM/EPROM.

So: does someone have such an Integrator (Series II, there were also earlier and later models, but these have different hard- and firmware)?
With the optional BASIC ROM (should say so on power up)?
I would be very much interested in a copy of this ROM for writing to an EPROM.

Thanks for looking,

[EDIT: The ROM has been found and an image burnt into an EPROM works fine.]
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