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PIL-Box Firmware Update Using Clonix Programmer
06-22-2014, 10:53 PM
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PIL-Box Firmware Update Using Clonix Programmer
This procedure describes the steps necessary to update the firmware for J-F Garnier’s
PIL-Box using the Clonix PIC Programmer from Diego Diaz.

1. Obtain the latest PIL-Box firmware hex file from J-F Garnier.
2. Open the PIL-Box and remove the PIC chip.
3. Run microbrn (DIY K-149BC v150807), the program included in the ClonixConfig utility for the Clonix series of modules from Diego Diaz.
4. Select the 16F628A microcontroller.
5. Click Load and select the hex file above.
6. Click Fuses. If a popup asks if you want to disable Auto Update Files, click Yes.
7. Click OK without making any changes to the fuse options.
8. Insert the chip into the programmer socket as illustrated, with pin 1 of the chip in pin 2 of the socket.

[Image: Microbrn.jpg]

9. Click Program. A popup will ask you to confirm. Click Yes. The chip should be reprogrammed without errors. Click OK.
10. Remove the chip from the programmer and reinstall it in the PIL-Box.
11. Plug the PIL-Box into a USB port and verify that the red LED flashes three times.

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