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[VA] SRC #009 - Pi Day 2021 Special
08-05-2021, 04:30 PM
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RE: [VA] SRC #009 - Pi Day 2021 Special
(03-16-2021 02:38 PM)robve Wrote:  
Quote:Last, for a really good laugh have a look at just a sample of modern papers on ? published in what they say are reputable, peer-reviewed journals:

Predatory journals like these aim to make money by publishing pretty much anything as long as you pay. Predatory and hijacked journals are popping up like bad mushrooms:

Also well-known reputable conferences are hijacked. I remember attending an IEEE conference to give a technical talk. Some of the expected attendees did not show up because they travelled to the hijacked conference in Seattle. Read the confusion here:

It takes some due diligence to read and cite journal and conference proceeding papers, i.e. look for reputable publishers and professional societies such as AMS and IEEE. Reputable journals are indexed. No data is reported on "IOSR Journal of Mathematics". It is doubtful that these papers are peer reviewed by academics.

- Rob

I didn't know this! I mean I knew that there were suspicious paper around but not entire journals set for that. Thank you (and Valentin to have expanded on the point).

And nice thread as usual, thanks for all contributions!

Wikis are great, Contribute :)
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