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Apparent bug in unread post(s) indication
03-20-2021, 09:12 PM
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RE: Apparent bug in unread post(s) indication
(03-20-2021 06:35 PM)Dave Hicks Wrote:  Yes - you said: "It works perfectly now" but I was still waiting for comments and hadn't actually changed anything at that time so I wasn't sure.

To test the whether my sort preferences for the software library forums had been were being saved, I set the sort order to most recent and descending. I then logged off, closed Firefox, opened Firefox and then logged back in. When I checked if my sort order preferences had been saved, it appeared that they had, hence my comment in my post Smile If you hadn’t implemented the changes when I performed my test then I don't know how it worked -- perhaps probably another stupid oversight on my part that made me think your changes had been implemented even though they hadn't.



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