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01-05-2021, 10:19 AM
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About my previus post to which I couldn't add a reply, here is a logical explanation.

IFT looks for the last but one element before itself (true/1 or not true/0) to execute the instruction just before itself.

But as DROP-command has cleared, by definition, the last argument in the stack (at level 1), a problem arises logically, so that John's Keith's suggestion is not valid in that case.

Here I copied my original thread:

About the use of IFT
suggested by John Keith

Try and run that program:
«1000 6 5 > 1 == DROP IFT

Well, it seems that it does not work with the
"object" command DROP.

But, of course
«1000 6 5 > 1 == IF THEN DROP END
works fine with DROP
and normal IF... THEN... End.

IFT will work fine, however, with "positive"
instead of command DROP
«1000 6 5 > 1 == "POSITIVE" IFT

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