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(41CV) Seven Health Physics programs
09-26-2020, 12:09 AM
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(41CV) Seven Health Physics programs
An extract from Seven Health Physics Calculator Programs for the HP-41CV, USDoE (DE-AC06-77RL01030), Radiological Protection Department, Health, Safety & Environment Function, RHO-HS-ST—5P, August 1984

"                                         ABSTRACT
Several user-oriented programs for the Hewlett-Packard HP-41CV are
explained. (This hand-held programmable calculator has alphanumeric display
prompting that facilitates data input and continuous memory and simplifies
field use.) The first program builds, stores, alters, and ages a list of
radionuclides. This program only handles single- and double-decay chains.
The second program performs convenient conversions for the six nuclides of
concern in plutonium handling. The conversions are between mass, activity,
and weight percents of the isotopes. The source can be aged and/or neutron
generation rates can be computed. The third program is a timekeeping
program that improves the process of manually estimating and tracking
personnel exposure during high dose rate tasks by replacing the pencil,
paper, and stopwatch method. This program requires a time module. The
remaining four programs deal with computations of time-integrated air
concentrations at various distances from an airborne release. Building wake
effects, source depletion by ground deposition, and sector averaging can all
be included in the final printout of the "X/Q - Hanford" and
"X/Q - Pasquill" programs. The shorter versions of these, "H/Q" and "P/Q,"
compute centerline or sector-averaged values and include a subroutine to
facilitate dose estimation by entering dose factors and quantities released.
The horizontal and vertical dispersion,parameters in the Pasquill-Gifford
programs were modeled with simple, two-parameter functions that agreed very
well with the usual textbook graphs. "

8 references, 7 appendices

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