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Connkit and Virtual Prime very slow
08-04-2020, 03:28 PM
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Connkit and Virtual Prime very slow
Hello all,

I've recently received my Asus UX461U, Core i7 @ 1,7mHz, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD, running Win10 Pro 1909 from repair of a faulty loudspeaker. (So, all specs out of the way and thus subsequent "what system do you have"-questions out of the way Smile )

I then spent a good 6+ hours reinstalling everything, and amongst that, also the Virtual Prime and the ConnKit (20200116).

However, now those two are extremely slow and "not answering" a lot. From start until I can "do" anything, it takes 30s to a minute. And if I do anything "too quickly" both the virtual end the connkit freezes for 20-40s.
It was not like that before I sent in the PC, and all other programs/apps runs as they are supposed to.

Any ideas, anyone??

28s, 35s, 49G+, 50G, Prime G1 HW A, Prime G2 HW D, SwissMicros DM42
Elektronika MK-52 & MK-61
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