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(HP-67) Cumulative Eccentric Fisher Distribution (update)
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(HP-67) Cumulative Eccentric Fisher Distribution (update)
An extract from An algorithm for computing the cumulative eccentric Fisher distribution, University of Oslo, Institute of Mathematics, Statistical Research Report, May 1980, 14 pages

The paper gives an algorithm for computing the cumulative eccentric Fisher distribution. The method is exact for the central Fisher distribution, and when the eccentricity differs from zero, we can get the inaccuracy less than an arbitrarily chosen ε > 0. The algorithm is programmed on Hewlett-Packard HP-67 pocket calculator, and as a by-product we have included a routine for the cumulative central Student distribution.
1. Some relations between distribution functions

2. Algorithms for computing …

3 . Program for …

4. Related work



This is a 1980 update from the prior post referencing October 1977 version.

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