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(HP-67) Notch Filter design
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(HP-67) Notch Filter design
An extract from Designing A Notch Filter With A Programmable Calculator, Albert E. Hayes Jr., dB Magazine (1979-05), pgs 73-75

" With a little help from his HP-67 calculator, Dr. Hayes shows us how to design a notch filter

…  Table 1 is a 51-step program which has been written for the Hewlett-Packard HP-67 calculator. It can be stored on a recorded magnetic card, so as to be readily available any time a bridged-T filter design is required …
Table I—The program for the bridged-T notch filter, run on an HP-67 programmable calculator. It can be slightly condensed for use on the HP-25 by eliminating steps 014. 030 and 045, which are included for programming convenience only …

…  The program is given in Table II—this time without explanatory remarks in the table. Try deciphering it yourself before reading the program analysis …
Table II—The program for calculating R and C for the parallel-T notch filter shown in Figure 2 … "

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