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(HP12C) Some digits for a sum
04-26-2020, 10:11 AM
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(HP12C) Some digits for a sum
Some digits for a sum for the HP12C

I do considere this version of the program as the last but not least here published.
This is the one I intend to use on the HP12C if necessary.

Purpose of the program :
When you complete cross-numbers grids you need to find the digits to compose a precise sum.
In this case, all the figures are distinct digits.
Precisely, this program helps you to decompose a sum into a few figures of which you indicate the number.
So, you could search how to describe 1 in 1 digit... up to 45 in 9 digits !

Note :
The program is only concerned with the combinations of the figures that lead to the result (the expected sum) and not with their permutations. Therefore, the results are provided in the form of a sorted list.
So, you will note 94 or 85 and 76 to make 13 but not 49, 58 and 67 considered as already
treated by the program.

Examples of use :

g GTO 00
13 ENTER 2 R/S
94 R/S
85 R/S
76 R/S
13 x↔y 2

45 ENTER 9 R/S
987654321 R/S
45 x↔y 9

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