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(HP12C) Biorhythms
04-03-2020, 02:38 PM
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(HP12C) Biorhythms
Biorhythms on the HP12C

Here, I'd like to present you the program I run on my HP12C.
Such a program to achieve on this calculator is rather easy because it has built-in functions for performing date calculations.

The only major problem to be resolved lies in the calculation of the sine from which the display of the biorhythm results : no trigonometric functions available on the HP12C !

Rather difficult to override for me...

Finally, I found a routine, made by Valentin Albillo on the HPCC site.
(See HP-12C Tried & Tricky Trigonometrics).

Thanks a lot, Valentin Albillo.

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.pdf  HP12C - Biorhythms - lmaN for the MoHPC - 20200403.pdf (Size: 36.13 KB / Downloads: 14)
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04-06-2020, 10:45 AM
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RE: (HP12C) Biorhythms
Back on the thread Biorhythms !

I had a version for the HP48 (G-GX)
I'd like to present it, here

But it's not really a program
It's based on the PLOT function of the calculator

I have a directory, named BIOTH, inside the HOME directory.
Most objects (EQ and PPAR, by example) could be apply from the PLOT function that needs to be complete via the OPTS menu. But you should directly create each object before running the PLOT function by [green]+[8] keys.

These are the objects :

d : 31.032020 //
n : 31.012010 // birthdate
EQp : « 23 DUP n d Bioth »
EQe : « 28 DUP n d Bioth »
EQi : « 33 DUP n d Bioth »
Bioth : « DDAYS SWAP MOD SWAP / 360 * SIN →NUM »
EQ : { EQp EQe EQi }
PPAR : { (0 , -1) (32 , 1) { d 1.042020 30.042020} 1 { (0 , 0) { 1 .1 } } FUNCTION Y }


. FLAG : [D] menu key : flag 42 on format (to match the examples above)

- PLOT function [green]+[8]
via the menu keys :
. DRAW [F]
after drawing the graph : PHYS, then EMO and finally INTL
. EDIT [E]
. [NXT] key
. MENU [F]

To study an other birthdate, you should modify the n variable data
To study an other period (month), you should rather modify via the PLOT menu and OPTS : [D] key
(the data to be update are LO and HI : key on the extent of a full month)

The process is quite simple but the method by PLOT function presents here a disadvantage.
The 3 curves have the same line appearance

I don't known how to make a different line (full, dashed, ...) for each curve with this PLOT function
Has somebody a method, or an idea on this ?
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04-10-2020, 01:57 PM
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RE: (HP12C) Biorhythms
The same listing for HP12C with included example
(Thank you for you practical note, rprosperi)

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.pdf  HP12C - Biorhythms + example - lmaN for the MoHPC - 20200410.pdf (Size: 37.68 KB / Downloads: 13)
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