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Has anyone cataloged all the HP cases?
04-02-2020, 05:23 AM
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Has anyone cataloged all the HP cases?

Shoutout to all the ultra-OCD members of this forum (you know who you are). Has anyone actually made a timeline of the various cases and pouches used for the different HP calculator series? The Classic belt loop pouch is instantly recognizable (I wore one), as is more or less the Woodstock case. There does seem to be some variation within a given series, such as with the HP logo impress. The evolution of the HP48 series case is particularly interesting.

I ask this because I recently acquired an HP33C in what is surely a Woodstock case. I put it in a seemingly appropriate case acquired elsewhere. That case though had a cloth lining vs. another externally identical case that had a furry lining. What gives?


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