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(41CX) RN-3 Survey Instrument
03-12-2020, 11:05 AM
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(41CX) RN-3 Survey Instrument
An extract from The GONG Site Survey Instrument, National Solar Observatory, Global Oscillation Network Group, Report Number 3: MAR 1987 {187 pgs}

"1. Introduction
     This manual provides documentation for the operation of the GONG site survey instrument. GONG stands for the Global Oscillation Network Group, a group of scientists whose aim is to study the internal structure and dynamics of the Sun by measuring waves that penetrate throughout its invisible interior. To do this, GONG plans to establish a network of observing stations around the world in order to continually observe the Sun and thus overcome the serious limitations of current observations imposed by the day/night cycle at a single observatory.
     In order to select the six stations that will comprise the network, GONG is placing small solar irradiance monitors at a number of candidate sites. The candidate sites are generally established observatories whose personnel are being asked to provide some minimal support for the operation of the survey monitors. A GONG representative will perform the initial installation of the instrument together with the local personnel. After installation, the support requirements are:
1) Routine Operation
2) Routine Maintenance
3) Remedial Maintenance
The expected lifetime of the monitoring project is at least one year.
     This manual is divided into three parts. The parts are: A: Operation, detailing the tasks needed to run the monitor, B: Technical Reference, containing the scientific background for the project and procedures for installation, troubleshooting and return of the instrument, and C: Software, providing details and listings of the programs that control the instrument.

2. Functional Description

2.1. Description of the Tracker

2.2. Description of the Logger

2.3. Description of Data Acquisition and Software
     The programs that control the data acquisition process are stored in the internal memory of the HP-41CX computer. They are also supplied on micro-cassette storage media. The basic core of the programs consists of … mean of the voltage is computed and stored every minute in the registers of the calculator … if the average voltage … the accumulated average data points are written to the cassette along with … These loops form the core of the programs. Additional programs calculate the local rising and setting times of the Sun and allow for operator intervention to perform chores such as realignment:, cassette changes and power failure restarts. Annotated listings of the programs are provided in part C of the manual along with other software information.

5. Summary of the Programs
     This part of the manual provides details of the software controlling the instrument. Together with the manuals for the calculator, cassette drive, IL module, navigation pac, and DVM, they provide a complete description of the data acquisition software, as well as less frequently used supplementary programs.
     The Programs can be classified in four types: the actual observing ( data acquisition ) programs, the operator support programs, the off-line ( ephemeris ) programs, and the installation programs. This section lists all of the programs and summarizes their functions.

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