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(HP-65) Beam Vibration frequencies (schelkunoff iteration)
02-19-2020, 01:17 PM
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(HP-65) Beam Vibration frequencies (schelkunoff iteration)
An extract from Frequencies of vibration of beams by Schelkunoff iteration, Computers & Structures Vol 7., pp.639-650. Pergamon Press 1977

Abstract - Three programs are given for computing frequencies of free vibrations of uniform beams with the HP-65 programmable, pocket calculator: Bernoulli beams with all 10 combinations of homogeneous end-conditions, two-span Bernoulli beams on hinged supports and Timoshenko beams with 9 of the 10 combinations of homogeneous end-conditions. The programs illustrate the capacity and versatility of the calculator and various strengths and weaknesses of Schelkunoff's iterative method for solving trigonometric equations.

Twelve (12) pages of explanation, description, equation, table, figure & calculator documentation on HP-65 program form(s)!


ps: scroll down to the green Download rectangle for a 'permanent' copy.
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