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Printing to JetEye ESI-9510
05-29-2014, 01:56 AM
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Printing to JetEye ESI-9510
I just acquired a JetEye ESI-9510 (s/n 1185837), primarily for use with my 200LX. It mostly works, but I have to set the palmtop's IR port to 115,200 baud. This presents two problems:

1. I can't print directly from 1-2-3 (which is what I want to do most), since its printer setup form only allows up to 19,200. Printing to an encoded file and printing it via Filer appears to work, though I haven't yet confirmed that printer setup strings works properly this way (it may, as I just discovered from some LaserJet documentation I was sending the escape character wrong).

2. I can't print AT ALL from my 95LX, as it only allows I/R printing at 2400 baud.

Haven't tried the OmniBook yet, but I imagine it'll work if it can do 115,200.

Is there some means of changing the expected port speed on the JetEye? I don't see any visible DIP switched or buttons on the centronics adapter or IR base. I've heard there was a special driver that would provide software handshaking with the JetEye. Do I perhaps need that? Or should I be looking for a different model?

For the record, my printer is a Brother HL-5250DN that alleges support for LaserJet, FX-850, and IBM ProPrinter emulation, with auto or manual selection.
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