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11-10-2019, 04:25 AM
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Hello everyone

I have found most of the HP calculators I met over the last 35 years personally now, only one is still missing: The HP-10 (not the HP-10B or HP-10C or any of there followers). My father had one in the late 70th as far as I remember but I don't know where it was gone after his death in 1999. And I can't ask my mother anymore, because she passed away in 2016 too.

So if anyone could offer me a HP-10 (full set prefered) with working printer (with paper too) I would be very happy. Thank you very much in advance.

Please PM me, I will answer as soon as possible.

Best wishes - Guido

PS: If you have to offer a full set & and fully working HP-65 I would also be interested in by the way, it could be the calculator of my teacher then (I don't know if he had a HP-65 or a HP-67 I have found because of so many offers from this forum - thank you so much for your offers!). He was by the way the first person who pointed me to HP then ...
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