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Why are threads being locked for no reason?
11-09-2019, 01:25 AM
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RE: Why are threads being locked for no reason?
(11-08-2019 10:46 PM)Gene Wrote:  One member has suggested to me that we consider no discussions at all here that are not HP or calculator related.

But if we did that then we couldn't discuss computers in general or algorithms or other topics that are generally of interest to many members, so I would hate to see that.

Just everyone be nice to one another, we are a great community. And you are appreciated, Gene.

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12-03-2019, 12:49 AM
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RE: Why are threads being locked for no reason?
(11-08-2019 12:13 PM)Jlouis Wrote:  
(11-08-2019 07:12 AM)Thomas Okken Wrote:  Are you referring to your assertion that CO2 being essential for plant growth implies that it can't possibly have harmful effects? I'll disagree with that every day of the week and twice on Sundays, and I fail to see how anyone could do otherwise, even if they're not as blunt about it as I was.

Speaking of inappropriate posts, it seems to me that this thread belongs in Forum Issues and Administration.

Yes, CO2 is essential for plants, vegetables and

trees grow. It is scientific. If you don't know or don't want to see, illustrate yourself.

But I will never offend wnyone because of this, as like doing that, I will be like you.


You are very carefully not replying to the part in red. That is the part where your post several weeks ago went completely off the rails of logic: to assert that because CO2 is an essential ingredient of life, its rising concentration in the atmosphere cannot possibly have harmful effects. Are you seriously sticking with that "reasoning"?
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12-03-2019, 12:50 PM (This post was last modified: 12-03-2019 01:07 PM by Thomas Okken.)
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RE: Why are threads being locked for no reason?
I think I should also reply to the complaints about the tone of the discourse, since I'm sure those complains are at least partially directed at me.

There have been several posts on this forum that espoused AGW denial. Unlike legitimate-but-subjective opinions like one's taste in music, AGW denial is not an opinion, it is flat-out denial of a very thoroughly researched and documented phenomenon. And as if that denial weren't bad enough, it tends to be accompanied by wholesale slandering of scientists, of which I know several, and belittling and insulting of alarmed individuals, of which I am one. Anyone who feels that that kind of talk is okay and does not deserve an angry response may focus their criticism on me while ignoring the likes of several others I could name, but I would hope that the MoHPC Forum crowd is better than that.
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12-03-2019, 06:09 PM (This post was last modified: 12-03-2019 06:11 PM by Dave Hicks.)
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RE: Why are threads being locked for no reason?
Sorry, I meant to reply to this earlier (several times) but other things keep getting in the way. For a while I thought about reopening one of the two closed threads that had veered well into climate change, however, I realized that I too wanted to jump in to comment - specifically about the "new ice age" that in turn was a response to a list of things such as acid rain that had presumably been concerns of the past that had presumably gone away. (In reality I think many of those things have been managed with significant effort.)

As far as the global cooling scare - yes there were some papers in the 70s that suggested that crap we were releasing into the air might block sunlight and cool the earth. However, even in the 70s, such papers were already outnumbered by something like 4 to 1 by papers that suggested global warming due to other crap we were releasing. And even today, some scientists are experimenting with intentionally releasing more blocking crap into the air to try to counteract the warming crap since they see few signs of us addressing the latter on a reasonable schedule. (However, those scientists say that what they are currently trying has its own side-effects such as acid rain so I really don't see climate science contradicting itself here.)

Of course, most of us get our everyday news from general news sources, many of which are profit driven and looking for scary and novel stuff to talk about, so if one paper somewhere suggests that militant rabbits are going to take over the world, it will probably be reported widely.

And, of course, I realize that the posts I'm writing about may have been made fully or partially in jest and I may have been trolled in myself! (If so, well done! Smile)

So, since climate threads don't seem to go well here (perhaps because no one can really tell who is serious) I'm going to continue supporting their closure for the time being. And that includes this one as it has kind of recursively stepped into being a climate change thread itself.

By the way, as I was typing this, I noticed a thread got reported. Guess which one? Yep - this one!
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