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(HP-97) Soil Solutes (transport, adsorption & decomposition)
10-28-2019, 12:10 AM
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(HP-97) Soil Solutes (transport, adsorption & decomposition)
An extract from Analysis of a Model for Transport, Adsorption & Decomposition of Solutes in the Soil, INSTITUUT VOOR CULTUURTECHNIEK EN HATERHUISHOUDING HAGENINGEN, NOTA 1404, FEB 1983 (47pgs.)

In this report a model for the transport, adsorption and decomposition of solutes in the soil is presented … Here, a programme for the HP97 calculator is presented and techniques from systems analysis are introduced for finding optimum parameters from experimental results.

The model described by eq. (10) for downward movement and eq. (24) for upward movement has been programmed for the HP 97 calculator. Memory space is sufficient to allow application of the model with a maximum of 20 soil layers. The programme has four entry possibilities that will be discusses below.
Under LBL A the basic data are stared in the calculator memory …
Under LBL C the main programme is executed for the downward movement case …
For the seepage case LBL c is the proper entry …
Under LBL D the drainage water quality for the pseudo two-dimensional case is calculated …

ANNEX HP 97 programmes"

Replete with figures, equations, descriptions, explanations, flow diagrams, graphs, charts, tables, plots & RPN programs (standard & custom documentation).

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