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(41C) Tilt Determination non-vertical photography
10-20-2019, 12:43 PM
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(41C) Tilt Determination non-vertical photography
An extract from Tilt Determination of Non-Vertical Photography using a handheld programmable calculator, Defense Mapping Agency, AD A119493, SEP 1982, 22 pgs.

A system has been developed which allows the photo interpreter to determine the tilt of an aerial photograph. Input consists of image measurements made using a calibrated template and tube magnifier, and three geodetic control points scaled from large scale map source. Church's resection is used to compute the camera parameters on the Hewlett-Packard HP 41C programmable calculator. Tilt determination allows computation of lengths, widths, and heights from a single image. These calculations follow naturally from the resection and are included in the system.


A computer program (Appendix B) was developed at the Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center (DMAAC) for the Hewlett Packard 41C calculator which determines the tilt of an aerial photograph using Church's Resection (Church, 1945). Horizontal and vertical ground measurements may then be computed for features on that photograph.

Math Model
I. Direction Cosines: …
II. Height Determination: …
III. Length determination: …

Program Listing …" 5 pages, lines 001 thru 541

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