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HHC Conference Videos USB drive
10-13-2019, 09:29 PM
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HHC Conference Videos USB drive
At HHC 2019, I announced the HHC Conference Videos USB drive that I had been working on, and this is now available for sale on my commerce site.

This is a 256 GB drive that contains all of Jake's videos from his nearly 200 DVDs or BDs of recordings from 1986 to 2018, plus all of the videos I have recorded (and uploaded to my YouTube channel) from the 2011 through 2019 conference.

Jake has had these videos available for sale for many years, originally in VHS format and now DVD and Blu-Ray format, suitable for viewing on a television. However, these are most suitable for watching straight-through, and don't provide an easy means of finding a particular talk. To address this, I have broken all the videos up by their individual talks, for easy navigation, and then re-encoded all the videos in H.264 MP4 format for viewing within a web browser-based interface.

Contained on the drive is over 578 hours of conference videos, with over 494 hours from Jake's recordings and over 84 hours from my recordings. A full list of all 1000+ talks included is available on my web site as well. The drive is almost completely full, with only 2 GB to spare, to maximize the picture quality, which is only slightly diminished from the original recordings (which, in MPEG2 format, were well in excess of a terabyte).

With my custom interface (based on a library from, you can can watch in full screen mode by clicking the full screen button (or by pressing the shortcut key, F), easily navigate between talks with next and previous buttons (also assigned to the shortcut keys N and P), and, when videos of the same talk are available from both Jake's and my recordings, press O to toggle to the other camera angle. You can also resize the video portion of the screen to be as big as you want, or pop it out into a picture-in-picture view with supporting web browsers (such as recent versions of Chrome).

The drive is being sold approximately at-cost, which is currently US$50 plus shipping.

Additionally, and relatedly, I have launched another new web site for viewing my conference videos though YouTube. This serves as a preview of what is available on this USB drive (though with more limited functionality, due to limitations in the YouTube interface), and also provides an easier way to watch all conference videos than the conventional YouTube interface.

Some screenshots of the interface are below:

[Image: my4Spab.png]

[Image: OktkfDa.png]

[Image: ME3BSZb.png]

[Image: h8cUpoe.png]
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10-14-2019, 05:49 AM
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RE: HHC Conference Videos USB drive
Great news, and a big thank you (once more) Eric!
I will order one stick in the next days.


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10-14-2019, 01:18 PM
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RE: HHC Conference Videos USB drive
Thanks again for all your efforts, Eric! Just ordered.
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