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[VA] New update available in my HP-related site (#002)
10-12-2019, 08:44 PM
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[VA] New update available in my HP-related site (#002)
Hi, all:

I've uploaded a new update (#002) to my brand-new HP-related site, namely the following 7 files:

SHARP Program VA135 - PC-1350 Producing Digits of Pi one at a time
  • 2-page paper featuring a 7-line BASIC program that I wrote in 1996 for the SHARP PC-1350/1360 pocket computers and compatibles as a proof-of-concept example of implementing a spigot algorithm to produce digits of Pi one at a time. It will also run in most any BASIC version with minimal changes.

SHARP Thread VA005 - 2006-03-02 - Long Live Sharp !
  • 7-page thread where a number of well-known MoHPC forum frequent posters (yours truly included) have an interesting discussion on various SHARP pocket computers current back then.

Misc Picture VA099 - Sample Video Type III - Unstable.avi (notice: 52,4 MB)
  • Another nice example of one of the types of videos that FractVal can generate [...] In this particular Sample Video, titled "Unstable", you can watch a slowly-descending section of a fractal undergoing splitting and recombination while a stream of incandescent "lava" steadily flows upwards till it reaches the surface and burns everything on its way, turning black portions of the fractal into bright, curling smoke.

And now 4 new, nice pictures produced with FractVal:

Misc Picture VA119 - Narya The Ring of Fire

Misc Picture VA226 - Flame

Misc Picture VA230 - Icy Clouds

Misc Picture VA288 - Striving for Light

That's all, next update within a week or so. Hope you enjoy them and have a nice weekend.


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10-13-2019, 12:19 AM
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RE: [VA] New update available in my HP-related site (#002)
Hello, Valentín,

Thank you very much for the frequent updates and congratulations for your new website. Thanks also to Eric Rechlin, for hosting it.

Best regards,

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