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(41CV) Helicopter Longitudinal Stability & modes of motion
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(41CV) Helicopter Longitudinal Stability & modes of motion
An extract from Calculation of the Longitudinal Stability Derivatives and Modes of Motion for Helicopter Aircraft, Naval Postgraduate School, Hugh James O'Neill (MAJ USAR), Master's Thesis, OCT 1982, 113 pages

This thesis presents an analysis of the longitudinal stability derivatives for helicopter aircraft and is intended to be used as a resource document for a helicopter stability and control course at the Naval Postgraduate School.
Emphasis is given to the evolution of forces and moments on the helicopter, calculation of the stability derivatives at high advance ratios, derivation of the stability determinant and solution of the characteristic equation to yield the modes of motion of the helicopter.

These computer programs are written for the HP-41 pocket calculator and are intended to help streamline the process of finding solutions to some of the problems generated by stability and control analysis. Input values should be stored as indicated. When prompted for an input value, the program will store that value in its proper storage register. When the program is executed, the output values will be labeled by alpha characters.
Worksheets are included as an aid to organize the input data for the programs and for the case of the program STAB for recording output data.
A. STAB will calculate many helicopter parameters needed for further calculations…

B. XUXW calculates the X-force total stability derivatives…

C. ZUZW calculates the total stability derivatives for the Z-direction…

D. MUWQ calculates the total stability derivatives for the pitching moments…

E. CE finds the coefficients of the characteristic equation generated by the stability determinant…"

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