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(41) Helicopter Design preliminary (Fardink, MAJOR USAR)
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(41) Helicopter Design preliminary (Fardink, MAJOR USAR)
An extract from Hand-Held Computer Programs for Preliminary Helicopter Design, Naval Postgraduate School, Master's Thesis, OCT 1982, 179 pgs.

This project gives the user of the HP-41 handheld programmable calculator a series of programs that give acceptable results during the preliminary phases of the helicopter design process. The project consists of three parts.
The first part consists of several short programs and their subroutine form. These programs and subroutines compute density -altitude, density, disc area, solidity, tip velocity, induced velocity, coefficient of thrust, tip loss factor, equivalent chord, and ground effect.
The second part consists of major subroutines. These subroutines compute profile power, induced power, climb power, parasite power, and total power; equivalent area and induced power for a tandem rotor; and data input and change.
The third part consists of the main programs. These programs compute the various power requirements for hovering flight,, forward (straight and level) flight, vertical flight, and forward climbing flight; also tailrotor power, autorotative flight, and tandem rotor flight."

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