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Commuter Airplane Design Optimization
09-10-2019, 11:27 AM
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Commuter Airplane Design Optimization
An extract from the INTRODUCTION, A Study of Commuter Airplane Design Optimization, KU Center for Research, NASA-CR-157210, 878-25078, JUN 1978, 457 pgs.

" This report presents the work performed from August 15, 1977 through May 31, 1978 under the funding of National Aeronautics and Space Administration Grant NSG 2145.
This project is a follow-up of research performed at Kansas University from May 16, 1976 through July 31, 1977. Both projects were aimed at enhancing the usability of the General Aviation Synthesis Program (GASP). GASP program is an assembly of computerized design methods to aid in the preliminary design phase of, specifically, general aviation airplanes …

The approach taken to comply with above objectives was to develop separate computer subroutines which can be added as a package to GASP. Also these subroutines can be used as a separate subprogram to compute the Dynamic Longitudinal, Lateral-Directional Stability characteristics for a given airplane … "

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