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(15C) Buffon's Needle
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(15C) Buffon's Needle
An extract from Buffon, [kiyoshiakima url]

"2 Simulation Programs
Buffon's Needle can be implemented easily on all but the smallest HP programmable calculators (the HP-16 and the financial models will need an implementation of the sine function).
2.1 RPN
Some of the earlier machines did not have a built-in RNG (random number generator). One can be programmed, of course, but that requires additional memory. In addition, the HP-25A/C and HP-33E/C don't have enough memory registers unless one packs multiple results into each register (which requires additional code).
The program given here is written for the HP-15C. It takes advantage of the built-in RNG and the capability to DSE any register. Every other model lacks one or both of these capabilities, though neither one by itself takes much programming effort to overcome."

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