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(HP-97) Helicopter Mission Optimization
08-31-2019, 12:20 PM
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(HP-97) Helicopter Mission Optimization
An extract from Helicopter Mission Optimization Study, Scientific and Technical Information Office, Langley Research Center, NASA Contractor Report 3060, DEC 1978

The objective of this project was to take advantage of currently available, low-cost computer technology to demonstrate the feasibility of providing the helicopter pilot with onboard capability to rapidly establish optimum flight conditions for minimization of fuel consumption or takeoff and landing noise. Programs for this purpose were developed specifically for the CH-53 helicopter and the Hewlett Packard HP-97 calculator, but the concepts have general application.
Eight individual programs were developed, this number being the best compromise between the handling convenience of few and the accuracy and input/output simplicity of many. These programs determine: (1) power required, (2) fuel flow, (3) best range conditions, (4) best range performance, (5) best endurance conditions and performance, (6) maximum sustained speed, (7) minimum noise takeoff conditions, and (8) minimum noise landing conditions.
Typical program inputs are gross weight, temperature, and wind. Typical outputs are optimum airspeed, optimum altitude, optimum rotor rpm, and the corresponding optimized performance .…

The eight individual programs, labeled A through H, are listed below with their inputs and outputs …
Seven of the eight programs require the loading of two magnetic cards, one for the program itself (A-l, B-l,.. ) and the other for the necessary data (A-2, B-2... ) … The cards are illustrated in Figure 30 …
Detailed descriptions of each program, including equations, data constants, and listings, are presented in Appendix I .…
User instructions are presented in Appendix II in a stand-alone format that does not require reference to other parts of this report .…"

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