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(29C) Simulation of Atmospheric Turbulence
08-17-2019, 10:31 PM
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(29C) Simulation of Atmospheric Turbulence
An extract from Simulation of Atmospheric Turbulence, U.S.Dept.Energy, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, PNL-3276 (UC-60), JAN 1980 (36 pgs.)

"This paper develops a method for constructing an artificial temporal sequence of velocity values for simulating atmospheric turbulence. The method develops the conditional probability density distribution of velocity given that the previous value of velocity is known. A value is randomly selected from the conditional probability density which then serves as a known value for the next conditional probability density function. Continuing this procedure provides the desired simulated sequence of velocity values.
Based upon this simulation method a program is developed for the Hewlett-Packard HP-29C hand-held calculator for simulating the longitudinal component of atmospheric turbulence during neutral or strong wind conditions. The program takes 88 steps, and the only required inputs are the mean wind speed, the height above grade to be simulated, the local surface roughness, and the time desired between successive velocity values. The computer code may be easily modified for use on other comparable hand-held calculators and can obviously be modified for use on normal computing facilities."

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